Apr 2, 2018

"But how come you're not fat?!"

Hey guysss,

I wanted to talk about something real quick. And I didn't want to do it on insta because I don't want people to think I'm having a rant to get engagement which I know is something people do these days.

I've been getting a lot of messages and comments lately about my weight, or the lack of it. They always go along the lines of...but how come you eat all this yummy food and don't gain weight? Most of it is asked politely and respectfully, but some people are just downright rude about it. Which really bothers me, because especially if I don't know you, there is still a certain etiquette to asking someone a question right?

If someone is REALLY so curious or bothered by someone's weight or lifestyle habits, they should at the very least address the question in a way that doesn't come across super offensive. And I'm not just talking about specifically weight questions, this can apply to many diverse issues. Such as 'Are you pregnant?!" for eg. I honestly don't mind being asked question's, even personal ones, as long as I feel like the person is genuinely interested and is an actual engaged follower, not some random lurker who couldn't handle the curiosity any longer and had to blurt it out.

ANYWAYS, I will address this and direct everyone to this post next time I'm asked. Yes as a blogger it may appear that I get to try lots of yummy food and desserts. I do feel lucky that I have the opportunity to do so, because I AM a major foodie and I have no shame in admitting that. What people don't see is that when I'm out somewhere, that is most likely going to be my one big meal of the day. And I normally end up sharing food with whoever I'm with, or get it packed for later. It's really not like I'm eating calorific food like that for every meal, I would have thought that was kinda obvious but apparently it's not. I don't go to the gym but I have a toddler so I'm actually on my feet all the time. My metabolism is not any better than anyone else my age (almost 33!), it's just that I balance out my meals so that I'm not going overboard the allocated calories for the day. It's literally that simple, I don't have any other secret tips that I'm withholding from everyone!

So the next time you feel like questioning someone's weight or skinny shaming someone please stop and think about what you're saying and how your question/comment will make the other person feel.

Till next time,

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